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Being Green has never looked so cool
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Visit our showroom at the Fleamasters Market, MLK Blvd, Fort Myers, FL. Blue Aisle #50-52. Every Friday 9am-3pm, Saturday & Sunday 9am-5pm
Personal Uses
Handicapped Mobility

Paved Nature Trails
Theme Parks
Short Work Commute
RV/ Camp Grounds
Retirement Communities
College Campuses
Shopping Malls
Or simply, Just for fun! (Youth & Adults)

Commercial Uses
Security Patrol Officers
Hospital Staff
Convention Center Staff
University Students & Staff
Private/Group Tour Companies
Livestock Shows
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The Story Behind The EMU Name

The Emu bird, although a 'flightless' bird, is known for its unique and dexterous ability to maneuver effectively and at rapid speeds along the ground. Our EMU transport is 'flightless' as well, but can cruise along the ground at up to 20 mph!
The Emu bird can travel great distances before requiring rest. Our EMU Trike can travel up to 20 miles on a single charge!

And of course, the letters EMU are perfect to describe our product:
Electric Multi Use


Click below to see the EMU TrikeTM in action!
The new EMU TrikeTM 2015 has arrived!
The new 2015 EMU Trike has arrived and we have made it even better than before. We now have five new color options, larger front basket, new security system plus a new quick release system for quick breakdown.
The EMU TrikeTM ...bringing families together again.
If you are fortunate enough to live near your grandchildren, then you know first-hand how hard it can be just to keep up with them!
This can be especially true during family vacations when your independent mobility is restrictive and may limit your ability to partake in some of the family excursions or activities.
The EMU TrikeTM allows you join the others at amusement parks, nature trails, etc., and enjoy that quality time with your entire family. And who knows? You may even beat your grandson in a race or two!
The EMU TrikeTM ...rediscovering mobility, with dignity.
Rich (pictured on the left) has MS and wants to show others that the EMU is not only a great way to have fun getting around - but for those who struggle with independent mobility, it can also be an essential, practical and uplifting mode of transport.

When speaking with others who use electric mobility units, he asks, "
When was the last time you went down the street with a friend or family member and had a conversation eye-to-eye? Are you tired of being stared at or being looked down upon while out and about on your mobility scooter or motorized wheelchair? We all want to be looked at as normal as possible, don’t we?"

Rich's answer: "The EMU has that special design that changes people's stares from “Oh that person can't walk” to “Oh, that is so cool!” The EMU Trike actually does evoke this type of comment."

Rediscover mobility...with dignity.  
The EMU TrikeTM ...getting around, down-town.
In most states, the EMU TrikeTM falls under the same laws as a bicycle. This means that typically, you can operate your EMU in the same places you can ride a bicycle.
Plus, with the EMU's safety features, such as headlights, brake-lights and turn signals, driving at night is safer too!

If you are running errands and have to dart into the bank, you can do so confidently as you set the EMU's security alarm system using your remote key fob. If your EMU Trike is moved in any way once the alarm is set, the front wheel will lock, the trike will shake and shudder and a 135 decibal alarm will sound.

You can also use your remote key fob to power up your EMU remotely (without your key). When you do this, you can keep your keys in your pocket rather than have them hanging from the ignition.
The EMU TrikeTM ...styling a more sporty mode of transport.
The EMU Trike is designed for multiple applications and truly lends itself to being a stylish mode of transport.

DID YOU KNOW...that you can ride your EMU while sitting or standing?

For a more 'sporty' look (as seen to the left), simply remove the seat and pole.

Either way, you will find your ride comfortable and fun!

*American Scooter Company recommends that riders wear a helmet when riding the EMU.

Note: Battery Covers and Fenders can be customized at owners discretion. We now offer 5 new exciting colors.
The EMU TrikeTM ...takes to the open sea's
One of our valued customers has just come back from a cruise. Jerry said that the EMU was great to get around the ship and to explore the islands. Everyone wanted to know about the EMU trike, including the ships staff.
Now that's real customer support!
American Scooter Company is committed to excellent customer service.
This was demonstrated when one of our valued customers recently went on a cruise to Hawaii. Jeremy was excited at the thought of exploring the cruise ship and islands around Hawaii on his EMU.
But when Jeremy went to charge his EMU he realized that the charger for some reason had stopped working. He contacted customer support, and after trying to sort out the problem on the phone, we realized that he needed a new charger. The EMU is Jeremy's only mode of transport and for him to enjoy his vacation we had to get him mobile again. We found out where his first port of call was in Hawaii and shipped a new charger overnight by air. By the time he got to the port his new charger was there and he could then relax and enjoy his vacation.
The picture is of Jeremy meeting a real EMU on one of the islands in Hawaii.

That's the American Scooter Company difference!
A quality product and real customer support you can count on.

Thank you very much for visiting our website!

EMU TrikeTM is the brand name of American Scooter Company LLC. 

EMU stands for Electric Multi Use Trike.

American Scooter Company LLC was established almost 5 years ago. It all started after we found that the current electric trikes on the market were unreliable, flawed by design and performance, cumbersome and heavy. We realized there was a huge demand for an electric mode of transportation that was eco-friendly, zero emissions and could be used in multiple applications. With the ever-increasing cost of gas and the limited space for parking, especially in cities, we believe that electric transportation will be the way of the future. With the evolution of electric transportation becoming increasingly more reliable, and the ability to travel even further on a single charge, The EMU Trike is now a serious alternative to electric powered transportation.

After extensive research we noticed that although there were plenty of electric scooters available for purchase, but there was very little to choose from when looking for one that was light-weight, easy to transport, high in quality, reliable, stylish by design and affordable in price. With feedback from our customers over the years we have constantly added to and improved the design and features of the the EMU trike. Now on our fifth generation we believe that our EMU trike is the best to date. But we will not stop there, we will continue to improve not only EMU but our service to you our valued customers.

The EMU is ideal as the name suggests (Electric Multi Use) for so many applications. The EMU trike is fast becoming a serious alternative for people who have a slight disability. It's also ADA compliant which means that it is the coolest mode of mobility assisted transport ever! With its lightweight design, higher seating position and the ability to ride the EMU either sitting or standing, it really lends itself as an alternative form of mobility. As one of our customers once said about the EMU " Mobility with Dignity"

The EMU is well suited for commercial applications also, such as security patrol personnel and warehouse transportation. Its great for university students, paved nature trails, private tours, shopping centers, RV campgrounds or just having fun with friends.


When you purchase the EMU trike, we understand that it’s not a simple case of merely selling you a product. My company understands and endeavors to offer you, our valued customer, an after-sales service that is second-to-none. Our focus is always on the quality, safety, reliability and value of our trikes...as well as the satisfaction of our customers. That's why every new EMU trike comes with a full 1 year warranty.

I hope you enjoy your experience on our website and please feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions.


Your faithfully,

Andrew Roberts


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Beware of cheap imitations made from sub standard materials such as heavy lead acid batteries and small underpowered 350watt motors and only a 90 day warranty.
The EMU TrikeTM 2015 is the best-built electric trike scooter on the market today with after sales support second to none.
We offer a full 1 year warranty on all new EMU's.
The EMU TrikeTM can only be purchased through American Scooter Company and its authorized sales agents & dealers.

We are an A+ rated Better Business Bureau company

EMU Trike of Michigan
Authorized EMU Trike dealer for the state of Michigan.

The company is run by Fred & Sandra Hogle.
You can contact them direct on: 989-292-0495 or
Email: mail@emumichigan.com

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