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Electric Multi-Use Trike

Being Green has never looked so cool
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The Story Behind The EMU Name ....

The Emu bird, although it is a 'flightless' bird, is known for its unique and dexterous ability to maneuver effectively and at rapid speeds along the ground. Our EMU transport is 'flightless' as well, but some models can cruise along the ground at up to 20 mph!
The Emu bird can travel great distances before requiring rest. Some of our EMU products can travel up to 20 miles on a single charge!
The Emu bird has a tendency to constantly eat. Our EMU literally costs just pennies to re-charge!
And of course, the letters EMU are perfect to describe our products: Electric Multi Use

(we know the bird in this website is an ostrich. We call it artistic licence)
Dealer and Sales Agent opportunities available
Personal uses for the EMU
Paved Nature Trails
Theme Parks
Short Work Commute
RV/ Camp Grounds
Retirement Communities
College Campuses
Shopping Malls
Or simply, Just for fun! (Youth & Adults)

Other uses for the EMU
Security Patrol Officers
Hospital Staff
Convention Center Staff
University Students & Staff
Private/Group Tour Companies
Livestock Shows
Trade and Commercial?
 Bulk purchase prices available upon request. Contact us for more information.

Follow us on Facebook. Customers please post your images, stories and comments.
American Scooter Company is a proud sponsor of the shriner clowns at the RV show in Hershey, PA

 For more information click on the ADA/OPDMD tab above.

Interested in Financing your EMU?
Although many people fall in love with the EMU Trike, not everyone drives away with one. We'd like to change that. Not having the funds immediately on hand doesn't mean that you can't afford to own your own EMU Trike.  American Scooter Company is looking at offering finance options for the near future and we'd like to know what you think. We are working with a reputable finance company to be able to offer 3, 6, or 12 months with a 25% deposit and payments for as little as $200 a month (maybe even less). If you feel that this would be something you would be interested in please email us at mail@emutrikes.com and let us know.
Welcome to the EMU Trike TM website
Above is the new video of the EMU-MAX
Above is a short video of some of our valued customers who purchased the EMU MAX 2014.
Call us today about our new reduced prices!

special discounts for our brave veterans
Our mission is to do whatever we possibly can to get you mobile on a new EMU Trike TM.
Call Toll free today 844-368-8757
One of our valued customers picking up the EMU MAX 2014
This demonstrates how light the EMU MAX 2014 is.
At just 70 LBS, you'll find the EMU Trike easy to transport!

Everyone can enjoy the EMU MAX!
How about going to the park with the grandchildren?
Great for RV campgrounds
How about going on those sightseeing trips?
Below are some of the new colors and features available soon.
The EMU is the ideal transport to get around that college campus
Below is a picture of our staff's recent visit to The Villages
Emu Trikes at the Villages, where we had a fantastic response to this exciting mode of transport. Everyone wanted to stop us and ask about the EMU. Rich (pictured in the center) has MS wanted to show that with the EMU, you can not only have great fun but it can also be an essential mode of transport if you have a disability.
EMU goes to Paris
Below is a comment from one of our valued customers who took their EMU to Paris.

"Thanks again for our liberty to move about - everywhere.  We could not continue to do what we love without our EMU." - Mr. Walton
Beware of cheap imitations made from sub standard materials.
The EMU Max 2014 is the best-built electric trike scooter on the market today. Plus we offer a full 1 year warranty on all new EMU's. The EMU can only be purchased through American Scooter Company and its authorized sales agents & dealers.

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