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The Drill Bike
Drill Bike Price
$995.00 plus applicable taxes and S&H
(Drill not included)
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Drill Powered Aluminum Mini Bike
Notes & Specifications:
Weight 33 LBS.
Speed 10MPH.
Distance on battery charge depends on battery type and voltage from 2 miles to 6 miles or more.
Front and rear suspension will carry 250 Lb Rider.

Description: Patented Drill Powered Mini Bike. Can be adapted to many battery drills. High Quality Heli Arched Aluminum Frame,
Dual Disk Brakes.
Note: Drill is not included. You need to supply your own drill. See below for compatible drills.
Allow 3-5 business days for shipping.
Click  on the link above to purchase from AMAZON. This is Dewalts latest, Brushless Technology. Kit includes High Torque Drill, and 2 High Capacity 4.0 Amp Hour Lithium Ion Batteries. Drill has 3 speeds making it our favorite choice for the Drill Bike.
Click above to see the televised Drill-Bike in action
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